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Polly Callam
ACE Certified Personal TrainerClasses: Barre Pilates & Pump Interval
Polly Callam
Barre Pilates
Pump Interval
Jillian Lambert, M.S.
The author of inspirational book, “Real Pain Real Peace”, wellness book, “Real Health Real Live”, and yoga/meditation DVD “Real Serenity”.
AFFA/NASM certified
Fitness certifications:  Kickboxing, Trekking, Cycling, Water Aerobics, Reebok Core Training, Urban Rebounding, Pilates and Personal Training.
Worked w/ top-rated spa Lake Austin Spa.
Created 1st mechanical bull fitness class!
Certified:  Feng shui, M.S. Holistic Nutrition, B.S. in psychology.
Created Nature Girl Designz to help give back to the ocean.
Jillian Lambert, M.S.
Strength & Tone
Serenity Stretch
Cardio Core
Yoga Strong
Robert Mitchell 
High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.)
Chip Locascio
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Chip Locascio
Weekend HIIT with Chip
Victoria Roller
Silver Sneakers
Silver Sneakers Yoga
Elaine Wood
Aerobic Dance