Silver Sneakers Winter Festivities

ss xmas 11

The Sliver Sneakers members had a lovley prayer being thankful for all that they have and being around each other having a really nice time.

ss xmas 1

Sliver Sneakers rocking out with a guitar and dancing their hearts out. (Julie, Sherry, Charlie, Dawn, Marie, Jenny, and Pheobe)

ss xmas 3

Sherry, Julie, and Phil enjoying each other’s company being festive with their light up Santa Claus hats.

ss xmas 9

Silver Sneakers getting their delicious food brought by each of the members.

ss xmas 6

The Silver Sneakers had a lovley diverse Christmas meal hot dishes, snacks, homemade and storebought alike. The festive donut holes were donated to the party by the generous Rockport Donuts.

ss xmas 8

Marie, Dawn, and the Sliver Sneakers instructor, Victoria Roller, set up a lot of it and now they were enjoying their hard days work to relax and have some Christmas fun.


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