BOOTCAMP with Avita Gandy Fitness

Bootcamp banner

This special challenge class, a 6 week program,  is the prefect way to jump start your fitness journey or help you reach even greater fitness goals. Avita’s Bootcamp will encourage a supportive group environment where you can track your improvements, cheer on your friends, and build your strength! The classes will include a wide range of full body workouts that incorporate body weight movements, free weights, cardio exercises, and other fun fitness challenges!


Starting on November 6th, Bootcamp will meet 3 days a week at 5AM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for a 1 hour class. For the week of Thanksgiving the class will meet for a BONUS class on Monday, November 20th.


Get to know Avita by checking out her Facebook page, “Avita Gandy Fitness”!

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