Deadlifting Tips from Vincent

Vincent, a Rockport Fitness personal trainer, demonstrates how to perform a deadlift for Rockport Fitness member, Tanner. After demonstrating the exercise, Vincent watches Tanner’s technique to make sure he can perform the exercise correctly.

Vincent’s steps for deadlifting are as follows:
1. Place barbell over mid-foot (DO NOT move the barbell)
2. Grip barbell just outside of hip width (DO NOT move the barbell)
3. Bring shins to barbell (REALLY….DO NOT move the barbell)
4. Chest out/up. By this point you should feel tension built up in your hands, back, glutes, hamstrings, and feet. (AGAIN!…DO NOT move the barbell)
5. Pull barbell up the body in a straight line. The path of the barbell should stay above mid-foot, all the way up and all the way down. The barbell should graze your shins and quads through the whole motion.

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